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Norden and the Nordplus programme

You do not need to go far for an exciting student exchange semester - check out the options among our Nordic neighbours!

Nordplus is the Nordic Council of Ministers' co-operation programme for student and teacher exchanges within higher education.

Exchanges via Nordplus have the following advantages:

  • A Nordplus grant of about NOK 2400 per month
  • Exemption from tuition fees at the host institution
  • Generally, help to find accommodation
  • Generally, an introductory programme
  • Normally no language requirements
  • If the language of instruction is Finnish or Icelandic, you can also claim a language grant from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.

There are both academic and open networks within the Nordplus programme. Here is an overview of networks of which UiS is a member.

Open networks: Nordlys

Nordlys can be used if you would like to study at a university in one of the Nordic countries and cannot find a relevant academic network (see below). Nordlys is the largest network within Nordplus and thus includes most of the big universities in the Nordic Region. It is also open to all subject areas and degree levels

Get more information about Nordlys on the Norwegian student's web pages.

Network for technology subjects: Nordtek

Nordtek is made up of 22 educational establishments in the Nordic countries that offer education in technology subjects. To apply for a Nordtek grant, you must have at least 120 credits at the time of applying

Get more information about Nordtek on the Norwegian student's web pages.

Other academic Nordplus networks