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Learning Agreement

All students who go on an Erasmus+ exchange need to have a Learning agreement before going abroad.

What is a Learning Agreement for Studies?
A Learning Agreement for Studies should be completed and signed by the student, contact person at the international office and the Erasmus co-ordinator at the host university prior to the exchange. This is an important piece of documentation that is often included with the application for the host university.

Learning Agreement for Studies and Learning Agreement for Traineeships
Students who go on traineeships should complete a separate learning agreement with the contact person at the international office.

Prior to the student exchange
Prior to going on a student exchange, part one of the agreement called "Before the mobility" should be completed. The contact person will assist all Erasmus+ students in completing part 1 of the learning agreement. The contact person will also send the agreement to the host university on behalf of the student. There is a table on page 1 where the courses approved for the student at the host university are entered.

During the student exchange
The student should complete part 2 of the agreement, "During the mobility", if changes occur regarding the original syllabus. Overlaps may occur in the schedule and/or a course may end up not being taught in English. In such cases, it is important to get help to find a new course as soon as possible. The individual student is responsible for seeking approval from their contact person and clarifying any changes as soon as possible.

Following completion of the student exchange
This part of the agreement is called "after the mobility". No signature is necessary for the last part, but it is important that UiS receives documentation from the host university confirming that the student exchange has been completed. The student is responsible for ensuring that UiS receives a grade transcript from the host university. The Erasmus co-ordinator will send other papers that should be completed at the end of the student exchange.