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Natural Gas Reservoir and Production Engineering

This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

The course contain items of; geoscience, sources of gas and gas reservoirs, gas characteristics and PVT, material balance, reservoir gas flow, wellbore flow, gas injection, gas depletion and gas field production.

Learning outcome

Upon completing this course the student should have:
  • A general understanding of natural gas reservoir and production engineering aspects.
  • In depth knowledge of; natural gas PVT behavior, material balance techniques, reservoir gas and liquid flow, wellbore flow dynamics and natural gas field production.
  • A comprehensible understanding of physical -, mathematical - and statistical modeling processes.


  • Geoscience: Structural geology, petroleum geology.
  • Gas sources: Gas formation, gas migration and gas reservoir.
  • Gases: Compositions, phase behavior, PVT, EOS, thermodynamics, flash calculations.
  • Material balance: General principle, gas condensate, aquifers, volumetric/non-volumetric, mean reservoir pressure, history matching, modeling and aquifers.
  • Reservoir gas flow: Basic flow equations and transformations, single phase, two phase, gas-condensation, near well flow, bottom hole pressure.
  • Gas well-bore flow: Basic equations, well pressure distributions, pressure/energy losses, multiphase flow, liquid accumulation, heat losses, radial heat flow, wellhead pressure.
  • Reservoir depletion: Characteristics of gas production, reservoir performance, well inflow performance, tubing flow performance, well deliverability.
  • Gas injection: Natural gas injection of dry gas (methane), CO2 and N2 using different reservoir models such as gravity segregation, vertical equilibrium, viscous fingering and Buckley - Leverett displacement.
  • Gas field production: Statistical reservoir models, fault block models, reservoir communication, optimization production strategies, production uncertainty.

Required prerequisite knowledge



Weight Duration Marks Aid
Written exam1/14 hoursA - FNone permitted

Coursework requirements

project assignments
20 compulsory project assignments. All assignments have to be approved to get access to the exam.

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator
Dhruvit Satishchandra Berawala

Method of work

Lectures and project exercises. Project exercises are submitted for approval through Canvas.

Overlapping courses

Course Reduction (SP)
Natural Gas Production (MPE600_1) 5

Open to

Industrial economics - Master's Degree Programme - 5 year
Petroleum Engineering - Master of Science Degree Programme
Petroleum Engineering - Master`s Degree programme in Petroleum Engineering, 5 years


Lecture notes and project exercises:
Fundamentals of natural gas behavior, reservoir engineering and field production, J.R. Ursin
Background literature:
  1. Fundamentals of gas reservoir engineering, Jacques Hagoort
  2. Natural gas engineering production and storage, Donald L. Katz, Robert L. Lee
  3. The practice of reservoir engineering, L.P. Dake

This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

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