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This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

The drilling process, containing drilling equipment, cementing of the casing and handling blow out situation is covered. This course focuses especially on dimensioning of drill string, nozzles, mud pump and the casing pipes.

Learning outcome

After finishing the course the student should be able to: Understand and describe the working of the basic equipment on and above the drill floor and in the drill string, especially hoisting equipment, mud pumps, storage and cleaning equipment for drilling mud, drill bits of different types, downhole mud motors, jars, and downhole measurement equipments. Know about drilling mud and cement, especially their flow properties, be able to calculate pressure loss at flowing, and know how casings are cemented. For a given well and drill bit, design a drill string and calculate the strength of this string and the nozzle sizes, and design the set up of available mud pumps. Know about and use the basic properties of the rocks drilled, especially overload, fracture and pore pressures, and from these determine casing programs and calculate the required size and strength of casing. Know problems related to kicks, blow-outs and know the safety equipment used, and how to safely handle a kick situation.


Lectures (Norwegian) and self study. Mandatory work demands (such as hand in assignments, projects, etc) must be approved by subject teacher three weeks ahead of examination date

Required prerequisite knowledge


Recommended previous knowledge

Basic knowledge in mathematics and physics


Weight Duration Marks Aid
Written exam1/14 hoursA - FApproved tables.
Valid calculator.
Approved tables are provided at the exam

Coursework requirements

4 compulsory assignments

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator
Mohsen Assadi

Method of work

Lectures (in English) and self studies. Compulsory work shall be approved by the professor 3 weeks prior to the exam.

Overlapping courses

Course Reduction (SP)
Drilling (BIP180_1) 10
Drilling for geoscientists (BPG170_1) 5
Drilling for geoscientists (BIP350_1) 5

Open to

Bachelor studies at the Faculty of Science and Technology. Master studies at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Course assessment

Standard UiS procedure


Compendium "Introduction to drilling in the petroleum industry", (PDF-file on Canvas, in English), internett, Canvas

This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

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