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Bachelor's thesis in physics

This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

The bachelor's thesis is an independent work where you will use the knowledge you have acquired during your studies as a basis for a given task. The assignment will be carried out during the 3rd year of the Integrated Teacher Education program in Science. At this point, you will have the necessary knowledge to carry out a relevant thesis for your studies.

Learning outcome

  • Have an overview over current international litterature, scientific writing and ethical norms for a specific topic and can be critical to different sources of information.
  • Demonstrate an in depth insight and comprehension of a specific topic.

  • Use physics to elucidate and analyse a problem.
  • Have experience of literature search and scientific writing.
  • Be able to present and convey the independent work using the terminology and language of the research area.
  • Be able to describe the assignment in a clear manner and use the language of the field.
  • Can use and analyse relevant tools
  • Be able to discuss, analyse the results and conclusion related to the problem at hand.

General Competence
  • Understand the ethical standards for scientific work
  • Can convey the independent research work
  • Be able to analyse relevant theoretical models or results supported by the research results
  • Be able to reflect and critical assesment of one's own work and
  • Can defend a high ethical behaviour in an academic contex


Through the work with the bachelor's thesis, the student will get experience with a research project where methods in physics is used. The student will carry out a litterature review, practical work, report writing. The methods will depent upon the specific assignment. Choice of project topic subject to availability of suitable supervisers.

Required prerequisite knowledge

The student must have completed 40 ECTS credits in physics within the educational plan. 


Weight Duration Marks Aid
Bachelor's thesis in physics 1/1 A - FAll written and printed means are allowed. Calculators are allowed.

Course teacher(s)

Course teacher
Diana Lucia Quintero Castro , Eva Rauls , Tomas Brauner , Tyson Ritter , Per Amund Amundsen , Inge Christ
Course coordinator
Anders Tranberg
Head of Department
Bjørn Henrik Auestad

Method of work

Independent work with litterature. Independent guiding in the practical work and report writing.

Open to

Open to all students in the lector program in science with physics as subject 1. 


Choice of literature depends on the type of thesis and is an integral part of the project. All the necessary literature being used for the thesis should be included in the list of references. References are in form of a list and may comprised of books, papers, articles, rapports, etc., which are being referred to in the thesis. It is important to emphasise on what is own work and what of the thesis is from other sources.

This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

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