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Introductory course for engineers - Computer science and electrical engineering

This is the study programme for 2020/2021.

The subject gives a basic introduction to programming in MATLAB followed up by a project focusing on programming of robots.

Learning outcome

  • Have a basic understanding of programming.
  • Have a basic understanding of MATLAB as an engineering tool.
  • Be able to make programs in MATLAB that solve simpler engieering tasks.
  • Be able to use MATLAB for programming of robots.
  • Have a foundation for better understanding of subjects such as Mathematics 1 and Physics.
  • Master problem-solving and be able to apply flowcharts and pseudo code to make and describe algorithms.
  • Be able to plan, carry out and present an engineering project in cooperation with fellow students.
  • Can identify security, vulnerability, privacy and data security aspects of products and systems using ICT.


The subject will provide the student with a good foundation for further studies and work within the engineering disciplines. This is done through problem solving using suitable data programming tools (MATLAB) and through project work where the student will be acquainted with the engineering discipline in collaboration with other students. The project will consists of programming robots and will be carried out in groups of maximum 4 students.

Required prerequisite knowledge



Written exam and report
Weight Duration Marks Aid
Written exam2/53 hoursA - FBasic calculator specified in general exam regulations.
Report 3/5 A - F
The written exam is MATLAB.
The report documents the work done in the project part. The report can be written individually or in the group of maximum 4 students. If the report is written in the group, each group participant will get the same grade.
The students must present the project work as a presentasjon in order to get a grade in the subject.

Coursework requirements

Innlevering i MATLAB, Innlevering i datasikkerhet
1) Compulsory assignment using MATLAB
2) Compulsory assignment in ICT security
Both of these must be approved before the student can access the final exam.

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator
Tormod Drengstig
Course teacher
Arnfinn Aas Eielsen , Jarle Urdal , Ståle Freyer
Coordinator laboratory exercises
Per Jotun

Method of work

MATLAB part: 3 hours lectures and 3 hours exercise per week the first 6 weeks.
ICT security: Individual online course. Open until 3 weeks before exam.
Project part: After the first 6 weeks, the rest of the semester is devoted to the LEGO-robot programming project with up to 2 hours of lectures per week related to the project.

Overlapping courses

Course Reduction (SP)
Matlab for Engineers (BID260_1) 5
Introductory Course for Engineers - Energy Resources (ING130_1) 4
Introductory course for engineers - Chemistry and Environmental Engineering (ING140_1) 4
Engineering Course introduction - Construction (ING110_1) 4
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering (ING120_1) 4

Open to

Computer Science- Bachelor's degree programme in computer science
Control Engineering and Circuit Design, Vocational Path
Control Engineering and Circuit Design - Bachelor's Degree Programme
Industrial Automation and Signal Processing - Master's Degree Programme - 5 year

Course assessment

Course evaluation takes place according to the Faculty’s guidelines.


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This is the study programme for 2020/2021.

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