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Developing Research Skills

This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

This course is an elective which aims to help students improve their research, writing, and presentation skills in preparation for the thesis. The course is handled as a seminar and in close collaboration with the selected supervisor.

Learning outcome

  • Knowledge on how to apply the scientific method
  • Knowledge on how to search and collect information necessary to develop a research proposal for a thesis study

  • Have research and knowledge skills on how to establish a problem for a thesis study
  • Be able to conduct basic research using library resources
  • Be able to give scientific presentations, both oral and written

General competence:
  • Write a proposal to define a scientific problem
  • Be able to communicate effectively in a written and oral form
  • Define time frames and responsibilities in the definition of professional problems that may apply to real life cases


Review of key topics relevant for scientific research.
  • The scientific method
  • How to define a research project
  • How to write scientific articles, proposals, etc
  • How to make and present scientific/technical presentations
  • Best practices to conduct research

Required prerequisite knowledge

Must have completed at least one full semester in the master program in Petroleum Geosciences Engineering or Petroleum Engineering at UiS or equivalent


Weight Duration Marks Aid
Portfolio Assessment1/1 A - F
Portfolio evaluation - 100%
-weekly test 30%
-outline of proposal 20%
-final proposal 50%
All parts of the folder assessment must be graded E or better to pass the course. If you fail a part of the folder assessment, you must retake the whole folder assessment the following year.
Course communications will be via email and Canvas. It's up to the student to make sure e-mail is set up correctly with the University.

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator
Lisa Jean Watson
Head of Department
Alejandro Escalona Varela

Method of work

  • E-Lectures that are relevant to develop the scientific problem for the research paper and how to give presentations
  • In-class skill development workshops
  • Training of library computer skills
  • Attendance at guest lecturers from the scientific and industry community

The students' participation in the different working forms in this course is strongly recomended in order to develop skills directly related to the portfolio and the oral presentation.

Overlapping courses

Course Reduction (SP)
Master thesis seminar (MPG100_1) 5

Open to

Petroleum Geosciences Engineering - Master of Science Degree Programme
Petroleum Engineering - Master of Science Degree Programme

Course assessment

Standard UiS procedure.


One required book is used in the course.
  • McMillan, K. and J. Weyers, 2011, How to Write Dissertations and Project Reports, Second Edition. Pearson: London. 284 p.

Additional literature is given in pdf format and is updated with new and relevant literature on Canvas. Examples:
  • Stewart, R., J. Brown, D. Lawton, and L. Lines, 2005, A guide to effective geophysical writing and presentation, CSEG Recorder: October, pg. 36-41.
  • Conway, D., 2013, Instantly Better Presentations. Thoughtstream, 2013. Web. August 2014. damian.conway.org.

Lecture notes provided on Canvas.

This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

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