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Migration, Gender, Development: African perspectives

This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

This module aims to describe and analyze the main characteristics of African migration, with a special focus on visuals and security aspects. The course will take into account both South-South Migration and South-North Migration, voluntary, forced and circular migration.
Academic in charge: Ketil Fred Hansen

Learning outcome

Students will have acquired:
- in-depth knowledge about theories on migration (a) and intercultural relations/multiculturalism (b) and the ability to contextualize them in related fields
- a fostered understanding of the transnationalising processes which transform the boundaries of the nation-states and influence the forms and volume of migration flows,
- an understanding of identity formation,
- knowledge on gender concepts, strategies and policies in a variety of cultural/national contexts


4. Migration, Gender, Development: African Perspectives (6 ECTS)
The issues of migration and gender are closely linked to development in Africa and increasingly considered key dimensions. The course will focus on migration in Sub-Sahara Africa and provide an overview on historical and contemporary migration processes, special attention will be given to forced migration and internal displacements.

Required prerequisite knowledge



Weight Duration Marks Aid
Final paper1/1 A - F
- attendance and active participation,
- reflection pages, abstracts
- final paper (20 pages)

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator
Ketil Fred Hansen

Method of work

180 hrs
contact hours: 30 hrs
independent studies: 90 hrs
assignments: weekly assignments 30 hrs
paper 30 hrs
Forms of learning and teaching: lectures, seminars, working groups, tutorials, independent studies

Open to

European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations

Course assessment

Student evaluation at the end of classes


Literatur will be published as soon as it has been prepared by the course coordinator/teacher

This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

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