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Concrete Constructions

This is the study programme for 2020/2021.

This course provides students with an understanding of the structural design process, the mechanics of reinforced concrete, and the ability to design structural concrete members including slabs (one-way), beams and columns.It also covers the behavior of reinforced concrete members subjected to moment, shear, torsion and axial forces.

Learning outcome

The course will give students basic understanding of the principles of reinforced concrete design and knowledge of the design of normal concrete beams, slabs, and columns.


  • Calculation of Loads/actions on ordinary buildings.
  • Design principles: limit state design (1) Ultimate limit state, (2) serviceability limit state
  • Analysis of reinforced concrete cross-section at ultimate limit state: bending, bending plus axial load
  • Analysis and design for shear and torsion
  • Serviceability, durability and stability requirements
  • Design of reinforced concrete beams, slabs and columns
  • Calculation of deflections and crack width
  • Use of appropriate rules and regulations.

Required prerequisite knowledge

BYG140 Structural Mechanics 1

Recommended previous knowledge

BYG205 Structural Mechanics 2


Weight Duration Marks Aid
Written exam1/14 hoursA - FTo be announced (TBA).1)
Supporting materials allowed upon exam:
Norsk Standard: NS-EN 1992-1-1:2004+NA: 2008,
Norsk Standard: NS-EN1990: 2002+NA: 2008,
Norsk Standard: NS-EN 1991-1-1: 2002+NA: 2008,
Formula book "Stålkonstrukjoner",
Formula sheet (Transformed sections),
m-n diagrams,
Authorized calculator,
Necessary equations in A4 sheets (hand-written or computer printouts)
1) More information in the text below.

Coursework requirements

Compulsory exercises
Compulsory assignments: 8 assignments.
6 out of the total of 8 compulsory assignments must be approved in order to take the exam.
Laboratory work: testing of reinforced concrete beam (Attendance is mandatory)

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator
Samarakoon Mudiyansele Samindi Samarakoon
Course teacher
Chavin Nilanga Naotunna Naotunna Palliya Guruge , Samarakoon Mudiyansele Samindi Samarakoon
Coordinator laboratory exercises
Samdar Kakay
Head of Department
Tor Henning Hemmingsen

Method of work

5 hours lectures and 2 hours tutorials per week. Compulsory assignments. Lab excercise.

Overlapping courses

Course Reduction (SP)
Reinforced Concrete Structures 1 (BIB500_1) 5
Reinforced Concrete Strucktures 2 (BIB530_1) 5

Open to

Civil Engineering - Bachelor's Degree Programme

Course assessment

By form and/or by discussions in class in accordance with university regulations.


Literatur will be published as soon as it has been prepared by the course coordinator/teacher

This is the study programme for 2020/2021.

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