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Project Work Within the Area of Social Work

Dette er studietilbudet for studieår 2020-2021.



The student will have acquired knowledge:
- about strengths-based perspectives on social work
- about different approaches to identifying resources within service users and their community.
- about different methods of analyzing and documenting social work interventions.
- about different methods of implementation and evaluation of social work interventions.

The student will:
- be able to communicate and collaborate with service professionals
- be able to systematically analyze social work interventions and identify possibilities of improvement
- be able to attain and utilize updated research-based knowledge in the social work field of interest.
- be able to document and evaluate the implementation of social work interventions.

General competencies
The student will
- be able to demonstrate ethical awareness during all stages of involvement with the social work field and the service users.
- be able to demonstrate ethical reasoning and professional judgment when faced with conflicting information, and identify possibilities for action within the social work context.
- be able to convey professional knowledge that promotes quality, diversity and active participation from a strengths-based perspective.


Students are trained to collaborate with service professionals, in order to analyze the issues they face in their everyday working life. Students are also trained to use analytical skills and to be creative as they apply theoretical knowledge in practical issues.
The course is taught through a combination of lectures, group assignments, and workshops. The course workshops are run by academic staff of professional social work background and provide the students with skill training. Group assignments are used to further enhance the skill training, and they offer an opportunity for the students to reflect on their ethical and professional conduct.


Applicants must be approved by their own educational institution, and students who have completed three semesters at their home institution will be prioritized.


Essay og muntlig eksamen
Vekting Varighet Karakter Hjelpemiddel
Essay 3/4 A - FAlle.
Muntlig eksamen1/4 A - FAlle.
Essay: Max 5 000 Words, including table of contents and notes. Reference style: APA 6th.
Oral Exam


Joakim Jiri Haaland


Students are actively included and expected to participate in different learning activities. A mentor will be assigned to each group to support their progress. Students will also meet an on-site social worker and collaborate with him/her on solving relevant issues.

Åpent for

Bachelor in Ssosialt arbeid  UiS

Exchange students

This class is open to both incoming students and the Norwegian students already enrolled in the social worker programme. This enables students with different backgrounds to share experiences and work together.


To ensure quality in the study program and a good learning environment for students and teachers, early dialogues are conducted in all courses each semester, as well as standardized course evaluation at least every three years. The evaluation of the study program and the courses will be in accordance with the university's system for quality control.


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Dette er studietilbudet for studieår 2020-2021.

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