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Master Thesis in Biological Chemistry

This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

The master thesis is an independent project in which you will apply the knowledge acquired during your studies on solving a chosen assignment. The students will through this assignment show their abilities to use relevant theories and methods, and develop knowledge and understanding in the field of biological chemistry. The assignment will be carried out during the two last semesters.

Learning outcome

A candidate who has completed and passed his or her master thesis has acquired the following learning outcomes:
- is able to conduct and to present extensive scientific work
- is able to describe a problem in a clear and concise way, according to the terms and expressions within biochemistry and molecular biology
- has extensive experience in literature search, practical scientific work and the preparing of scientific reports
- knows the essential publication channels within the field of research
- Is able to critically assess own and others work
- Knows the ethical standard that must be applied in research and scientific reports.


The student conducts a mandatory course in the library and learns to locate relevant literature, evaluate sources and learn about plagiarism. The student makes a review of relevant literature and presents this for fellow students and supervisors during the first semester (autumn). At the same time the student starts their practical work in the lab, usually in a laboratory at UiS or in the region. In the second semester the student continues the research and writes the final report according to rules for scientific publications

Required prerequisite knowledge

Referring to Regulations for Master's theses of 30 and 60 ECTS for requirements of credits to assign the master thesis.

Recommended previous knowledge

MBI110 Biophysical Chemistry, MBI140 Protein Biochemistry, MOT290 Bioinformatics, MOT380 Biotechnology, methods


Weight Duration Marks Aid
Thesis, presentation and oral examination1/1 A - F
The thesis counts 3/4 and presentation with oral examination counts 1/4. The supervisor sets the overall mark. The examination consists of a 30 minutes public presentation by the candidate. The sensor who rates the examination should be present. The presentation is followed by an oral examination about the thesis with sensor and supervisor. The final mark is given after the oral examination.
Regulations relating to studies and examinations at the University of Stavanger, § 2-10 section 4:
A candidate will generally have one attempt at a performing examination or Bachelor's or Master's thesis.
a) Upon application, a second attempt may be granted if a candidate wishes to improve their grade. In such cases, the candidate may not be permitted to revise a previously submitted response, but must write a new response on a new basis
b) Upon application, a candidate who has not passed the bachelor's or master's thesis may be granted a second attempt. In such cases, a reworked version of the bachelor's or master's thesis may be submitted, or a completely new thesis may be submitted. This must then be submitted by the specified deadline and will count as a new exam attempt.
c) The Dean himself shall issue supplementary regulations for the completion and supervision of Bachelor's and Master's theses.
A bachelor´s or a master´s thesis not submitted in time will be graded Fail.
Read more: http://student.uis.no/getfile.php/Intranett%20Studentsider%20og%20ansattsider/Reglar1.pdf

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator
Cathrine Lillo
Course teacher
Hanne Røland Hagland , Astrid Elisabeth Mork-Jansson , Ann Kristin Vatland , Oddmund Nordgård , Lutz Andreas Eichacker , Svein Bjelland , Kåre Bredeli Jørgensen , Cathrine Lillo , Heinz Peter Ruoff
Head of Department
Gro Johnsen

Method of work

Independent literature work, participation in discussion groups, etc. , oral and written presentations. Individual supervision concerning the research part and thesis writing. Language: Norwegian or English.

Overlapping courses

Course Reduction (SP)
Master thesis in Biological Chemistry (MBIMAS_1) 60

Open to

Biological Chemistry - Master of Science Degree Programme


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This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

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