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Independent thesis Hotel Management

This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

The bachelor thesis concludes the bachelor study program. The thesis is an independent study in which one should use the knowledge gained during the years of bachelor studies. The thesis work is training in critical reasoning and critical thinking, but also an opportunity to showcase presentation skills. In addition, it offers training in data collection and data analysis, and in applying source material to illustrate or resolve the selected problem. The faculty holds an information meeting in the fall semester (the fifth semester) with the presentation of relevant topics. It is possible to write the thesis in collaboration with the industry. Students must have completed a required course in methodology and thesis seminar before they submit their thesis. The research question for the thesis project should be approved by the supervisor.

Learning outcome

Students during their work with the bachelor thesis should
  • be able to explain research questions within the chosen field
  • acquire in-depth knowledge in the chosen topic

Students during their work with the bachelor thesis should
  • be able to find a research question and work systematically to answer it
  • be able to select and apply relevant theory
  • be able to select the appropriate methods in relation to the chosen research question
  • be able to demonstrate understanding and application of the relevant methodology

General knowledge
  • Students during their work with the bachelor thesis should
  • Have the skills to plan and carry out a minor scientific project
  • Be able to communicate their scientific contributions in writing and in accordance to the formal requirements for a scientific publication


Using a theoretical approach and methodological tools, students are to submit a written thesis. The bachelor thesis can be empirically exploratory, theoretically explanatory or project-oriented. The students can work independently or in groups up to three members.
The thesis should be of about 8000-10000 words (not including title page, contents, abstract, references, appendixes) when submitted as an individual work. The number of words is published on the first page. For groups, the scope will increase upon agreement with the supervisor. A written guide for thesis writing is available for students on Canvas. All relevant information will be posted on Canvas. The thesis should be theoretically based on at least one course and apply methods that are relevant for the particular study program. Students must have completed a course in methodology, literature search and thesis seminar before they submit their thesis project. The project description is approved by the supervisor.
It is estimated a working time of one term to write a thesis in accordance with the number of points given.

Required prerequisite knowledge

The first two years of the bachelor program must be approved before students can start working on their bachelor's thesis.


Weight Duration Marks Aid
Written assignment1/11 A - FAll.

Coursework requirements

Writing- and method seminar, Library course

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator
Heidi Victoria Skeiseid
Åsa Helen Grahn , Kai Victor Hansen , Tone Therese Linge , Åse Helene Bakkevig Dagsland , Håvard Hansen

Method of work

Writing bachelor thesis is an independent study. The working methods chosen should be explained in the thesis. Teaching takes place in supervision meetings between students and supervisor and in mandatory methods course.
Each student / student group gets an offer of three supervised meetings. The meetings should be arranged with the teacher as early as possible in the process.

Open to

Hotel Management - Bachelor's Degree Programme


All source used during thesis work must be listed as references. Please refer to the written thesis guide on informaiton about references´set up.
Recommended reading:
The supervisor(s) can recommend methodology that is relevant to the thesis.

This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

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