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FAQ about the work placement

Here we have gathered answers to frequently asked questions about the work placement.

Can I do work placement in a business I have found myself?

Unfortunately no. You can only for work placement in the businesses UiS have made an arrangement with. 

If the business has departments elsewhere, can I do my work placement there?

Due to logistics regarding the visits from UiS to the businesses, you can only do your work placement in the nearby departments. 

Can I work more than the 250 hours the work placement period consists of?

If you wish to do so, you need to make arrangements with the business unrelated to the UiS arrangement. This is because we need to consider your rights as a student and cannot agree to you working more that what is specified in the contract.

Can I apply for work placement even if I do not have an average grade of C in 80 per cent of my first semester courses?

You are welcome to apply, but we cannot garantee that you will be included further in the application process. If your average grade is just below C, you may still be included, depending on the number of applicants and their average grades.