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Information for students on the master program Energy, Environment and Society

Welcome to semester start and the master program Energy, Environment and Society (MEES), autumn 2020. Below you will find information about the most important things to remember before semester start, and who to contact if you have any questions.

Program for the semester start week

Monday 10th August

12.00–12.30: Digital Official Semester opening ceremony 

Friday 14th August 

9 am–1pm: Welcome meeting for new MEES students.

  • Meet the staff
  • The students present themselves
  • Information from the administration 
  • Information from SiS
  • Information from the library
  • Information from the student organization StOr
  • Information from the MEES student association 


Check out Fadder's web page to see what's going on during fresher's week

A practical checklist 

There is a lot to remember when you embark on a new study program. We have therefore gathered the most important stuff in a useful checklist: 

Step 1: Activate your username/password

In order to get a username and password for UiS’ IT services, you must activate your IT user. You can do this before you go to UiS, as you will receive an email about activating your account after you have accepted your study offer. This might take a few days. You use your username and password for the following services: Canvas (online learning platform where you communicate with your course teachers, find information about your assignments etc.), email, Wi-Fi on campus (the one called eduroam), student computers and StudentWeb.  

Step 2: Register for the semester and approve your study plan in StudentWeb

When you have activated you username and password, you can log on to StudentWeb. In order to keep your right to study at UiS, you must register for the semester and approve your study plan by 1st September (for the autumn semester) and 1st February (for the spring semester). We recommend you do this as soon as possible, as you won’t get access to Canvas before you have done so. You get access to Canvas the day after you have registered for the semester and approved your study plan.  

Step 3: Pay the semester fee 

All students must pay a fee every semester. You find the payment slip in StudentWeb under «Payments». The deadline to pay the fee is 1st September for the autumn semester and 1st February for the spring semester. If you do not pay the fee, you will loose your right to study at UiS. 
Do you want a semester receipt? The receipt is electronic, and if you want a printed receipt, you must order this via StudentWeb. You can also download the semester receipt in the app “Studentbevis” for Android or iPhone.   

Step 4: Student card 

When you have payed the semester fee, you can get a student card in the student reception in Arne Rettedal’s House. Bring ID and proof of your payment. In week 33 to 35, student cards are produced every day between 8 am and 3 pm. The rest of the year, the cards can be produced between 9 am and 3 pm.

Step 5: Access Canvas 

The day after you have registered your IT-account, you will get access to Canvas. 

Step 6: Check out your student email 

In addition to the communication you will participate in on Canvas, you will receive important information from UiS on your student email. As a student, it is your responsibility to be available on this email. 

Step 7: Timetable 

On UiS’ webpage for students, student.uis.no, you find your timetable, and you can search for the timetables of complete programs or single courses. Choose “Campus Ullandhaug”. After having registered in StudentWeb, you can search for your student number in the timetables and see your timetable.  

Step 8: Loans and scholarships from Lånekassen (local students)

When you have payed the semester fee and registered for the semester, UiS sends a confirmation to Lånekassen, and you will receive your loan and scholarship. It is therefore in your own interest to pay and register as soon as possible. 

Lånekassen is responsible for the rules and regulations for student loans and scholarships. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Lånekassen.  

Do you have any questions?

Check out this information page for new UiS students

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the study adviser at MEES: Live Kolstad Kvalsvik: live.kvalsvik@uis.no.