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Biological Chemistry - Master of Science Degree Programme

Exchange semester
Semester 2

Organisation of the exchange
In semester 2 of the Master program in Biological Chemistry, you have the possibility to study abroad at one of UiS partner universities.
There are mandatory courses in the exchange semester, but it will usually not be a problem to find corresponding or alternative courses at the host institution. When going abroad, you must choose courses that comprise a similar specialization within your field, and these must be pre-approved before you leave. It is also important that the courses you are going to take abroad do not overlap in content with the courses you have taken or will take later in the study program. A good tip is to think about your specialization and your field of interest.

More possibilities
In addition to the recommended institutions listed below, UiS has a number of agreements with universities outside Europe, which are open to all students at UiS who find a relevant course offer.
Within the Nordic countries, all students can use the Nordlys and Nordtek networks.
It is also possible to take courses at The University Centre in Svalbard (Norway).

Guidance and pre-approval of courses:
Hannah Kate Honderbrink
General questions on exchange:
International Office, Kitty Kielland building

Exchange opportunities: