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Marine- and Offshore Technology - Master's Degree Programme

Graduated students will have competence on master degree level in technology. They will have a basic background in mathematical science and basic engineering subjects and be able to apply this knowledge within their area of specializations. As the study program consists of and rests on general principles and methods, the students will also be able to meet and solve challenges on an advanced engineering level outside the area of specializations and in close cooperation with experts from other fields. In particular, the candidates will be qualified to participate and manage the development and implementation of new technology, methods and principles. Candidates with a master's degree in Marine and Offshore Technology will be qualified to participate in developing and implementing new technology, methods and principles for the offshore industry. They will also be qualified for many attractive job positions in traditional industries Marine and Offshore Technology graduates will have specific knowledge within systems and operations related to subsea petroleum production, offshore wind power and fjord crossings. The students will also acquire good knowledge of systems and operations related to installation by combining basic mechanical engineering subjects with marine technology.

Hva kan du bli

Etter fullført masterstudium er med en gjennomsnittlig karakter på B eller høyere er du kvalifisert til å søke opptak til PhD i Offshore Technology ved UiS.


Form and/or discussion according to faculty guidelines.