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International Hospitality Management - Master's Degree Programme

The master program will provide comprehensive and in-depth management- and research relevant knowledge and skills of fundamental and contemporary issues in hospitality-, service- and tourism industries. The program is solidly based on research.
The aim of the program is to expand your knowledge, to further your understanding and develop your scientific skills so that you will be prepared for advanced leadership and management tasks, be trained in application of scientific findings, and be able to conduct science. You will be challenged to evaluate, integrate and develop knowledge on an advanced level.
The program is designed to prepare students for career entry or management positions in commercial, public or non-profit organizations providing visitor services at the local, national, or international level. Successful candidates will during this two-year program have gained appropriate knowledge in general management- and leadership theories, and how they are implemented in the hotel, tourism and service industries.
The scientific training will provide you with a sound foundation for evaluating and conducting research based on scientific principles and will prepare you for writing a master thesis of high quality and also form a sound basis for entry into research based positions or a PhD-program.
Students enrolled in the program come from all over the world, the culturally diverse group of fellow students will challenge and stimulate your learning and provide opportunities for great intercultural understanding.
Students enrolled in the program may further expand their international experience by spending a semester abroad (normally the third semester) at one of our collaborating universities. We are cooperating with a number of high-ranked international universities that are ready to receive you.
Individual learning and personal improvement is stimulated through courses with an emphasis on problem-based learning. Students are expected to participate actively in every phase of the program.
The most fundamental aim of the program is, however, to develop your ability for life-long learning so that you will be prepared to excel in future careers both in research and management.
The Norwegian School of Hotel Management (NHS) is the second oldest hotel school in the world, and is a member of Hotel schools of Distinctions. We have offered education to hospitality professionals since 1912. Since 1992, NHS has offered a master's program in international hospitality management and is currently the only institution in Norway offering such a degree in English.
Target group
The target group for this program is those students who have previously fulfilled a bachelor degree in hotel, hospitality, restaurant, tourism, general business or equivalent, and are aiming for a higher level education in hotel, restaurant or tourism.
All course literature and teaching will be in English.
Most courses use a range of teaching formats covering lectures, tutorials, seminars and case study workshops and presentation sessions. Course material typically includes books, articles and online resource. Students are responsible for their own learning and will be expected to participate in intensive courses with a large degree of independent work.
The University of Stavanger has several partner universities in other countries and student exchange with these institutions is active.
Assessment procedures vary from course to course and are specified in advance. It is important for students to read the course descriptions and familiarize themselves with the assessment procedures.
Other information
The University of Stavanger uses the Internet-based system Canvas as a communication channel between academic staff and students. The use of Canvas allows you to access notes and updates to course syllabus and also to collaborate with other students who are connected to the web.
Please note that a minimum number of students are required for a course to be delivered.
The University of Stavanger is a public-funded university and does not charge tuition fees. All students are required to pay a student welfare organization fee of approx. NOK 700 per semester.
For further details please check www.uis.no/student_life
The master thesis is an individual or group project undertaken and completed in the fourth and final semester, 30 ECTS.
The master in International Hospitality Management qualifies to application for PhD position.
Quality assurance and student evaluation:
Quality assurance in this study program complies with the standardized quality assurance system at the University of Stavanger.

Hva kan du bli

Våre tidligere studenter arbeider innen mange områder av servicenæringen, hovedsakelig hotell- og reiseliv, restaurant- og arrangement (event) sektorene. Samt kundeintense næringer som bank og forsikring, og rekruttering.

Denne mastergraden kan kvalifisere til opptak til PhD-program.


Studentevaluering av emnene i programmet vil bli gjennomført i henhold til SV-fakultetets evalueringssystem.


For application help, administrative questions and guidance:

The Norwegian School of Hotel Management, Department of Social Sciences, Stavanger University. Telephone +47 51 83 37 00. Mail: post@uis.no

Coordinator of the program: Professor Torvald Øgaard.