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Upon completion of the master program the students will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of philosophy of science and methodology.
  • Critically reflect on knowledge about health care ethics and relevant laws related to own practice.
  • Explain advanced medical equipment and critically evaluate the medical equipment's strength and limitations.
  • Appraise pre hospital emergency medical care situation according to state of the art knowledge and research and agreed regulations and standards.
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of multi-­-organisational working, specifically in relation to management, communication and team working.
  • Appraise quality improvements systems related to advanced pre hospital emergency care.
  • Appraise the different operational management strategies used in the management of mass casualty and major incidents both national and international.

  • Execute adequate advanced pre hospital critical care to critically ill or injured patients and their relatives.
  • Design and execute an independent research and development project according to define research rules and regulations and demonstrate the ability to mediate the results`.
  • Demonstrate the ability to attend to the critically ill or injured patients' human dignity and ethical / juridical rights.
  • Master advanced medical technical equipment's.
  • Apply an appropriate qualitative system related to the specific situations.
  • Perform advanced inter-­- and intra professional crisis management related to major incidents and disasters.

General Competence:
  • Develop and display a value system based on humanity and integrity.
  • Display a willingness to relate and communicate with the critically ill or injured patients, their relatives and colleagues in emergency situations.
  • Relate well in inter professional teams and cooperate well internally and externally at both a national and international level.
  • Demonstrate a professional practice.
  • Value willingness to innovative thinking and to develop new concepts