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On completing the programme, the student should have achieved the following:


  • Have advanced knowledge of at least two elements of business administration (scope requirement) and specialised insight into a particular area (specialism/major)
  • Have in-depth knowledge of scientific theories and methods connected with the specialist area
  • Be able to apply knowledge to new areas within the area of business administration
  • Be able to analyse professional issues based on the specialist area's history, traditions, distinct nature and place in society

  • Be able to critically analyse a variety of information sources and apply them to construct and formulate professional arguments
  • Be able to analyse existing theories, methods and interpretations within the area of business administration and work on practical and theoretical issues independently
  • Be able to use relevant methods for research and professional development independently
  • Be able to independently carry out a specialized research or development project under supervision and in line with current research and ethical norms

General competencies
  • Be able to analyse relevant professional, research and ethical issues
  • Be able to apply own knowledge and skills to new areas to carry out advanced assignments and projects
  • Be able to communicate information relating to extensive independent work and master the expressions and terminology related to the subject area
  • Be able to communicate with specialists and the general public on professional issues, analyses and conclusions within the subject area
  • Be able to contribute to innovation and innovation processes