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Petroleum Geosciences Engineering - Master of Science Degree Programme

The master's programme in Petroleum Geology educates civil engineers in petroleum geology with the theoretical and technical knowledge required in oil and gas exploration and production. The programme is research-based and provides a foundation for lifelong learning.

The programme in petroleum geology educates students for multinational offshore and onshore industrial companies affiliated with the oil and gas sector, service industry and government agencies. A master's degree in petroleum geology also gives students the option to continue to PhD level.

Programme content, structure and composition

The programme consists of a total of 120 credits. The programme includes 90 credits from compulsory courses related to geosciences and administration in connection to petroleum exploration and production. The master's thesis constitutes 30 credits and is a large, independent project completed in the final semester, often in close co-operation with an external company. All teaching is in English. This is an advantage for any students who are studying to work in an international industry where English is the language of business.

Students will encounter a variety of working and teaching methods, the use of modern computer technology, practical laboratory work and projects with associated training in writing reports and documentation.

A description of each individual course is provided, detailing:

- Working and teaching methods

- Course literature

- Evaluation methods

- Assessment methods

- Learning outcomes

UiS is proud of its ability to offer all planned programmes, but emphasises that this is subject to the availability of resources and/or students. Over time, the academic content and choice of topics will naturally change due to general developments in the subject field, the use of technology and wider social changes. All courses and programmes are revised annually.

Hva kan du bli

The master's programme in Petroleum Geology educates highly qualified engineers for a wide range of jobs in the oil and gas industry. This is an international industry, and master's students in petroleum geology will have many opportunities on the international jobs market after completing their degrees.

Petroleum geologists are an important professional group within a number of business areas and sectors. These include the petroleum or mining industries, the environmental sector, technical organisations or education and research. Today's research and professional careers are typified by a multidisciplinary approach. Petroleum geologists have the knowledge and background that is required to work with specialists from other subject areas to solve important tasks for the benefit of society.


When you have been admitted to a study programme at UiS, we recommend you to go on a student exchange abroad as part of your studies. UiS regards it as a highly positive component of the programme that students may study abroad at one of the universities with which UiS has an exchange agreement.

When studying abroad, you must select courses that provide the equivalent specialisation in your subject area, and these have to be approved before you travel. It is important that the courses you are taking abroad don't overlap with courses you have already completed or are planning to study later on in the programme. We recommend that you take your specialisation and field of interest into account.

Recommended educational institutions by subject

For master's students in petroleum geology we recommend an exchange in the third semester, to the following institutions:

The Nordic countries:



Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria University of Coimbra, Portugal

University of Alicante, Spain

RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Universita Degli Studi Della Basilicata, Italy

Universita Degli Studi Di Milano - Bicocca, Italy

Rest of the world:

University of Houston, USA

Colorado School of Mines, USA

California State University Los Angeles, USA

University of Adelaide, Australia

It is also possible to study abroad at other educational institutions. Students who want to study abroad must contact the department to arrange the individual educational pathway.

You should start planning in good time. The application deadline for exchange abroad is 1 September for the spring semester and 1 February for the Fall semester.


Contact us:

The department's service centre in Kjølv Egelands Building, 3rd floor, offers information and guidance for students at the department. The best way to contact us is by email or by telephone +47 51 83 17 25. Individual meetings may be arranged if required.