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Petroleum Geosciences Engineering - Master of Science Degree Programme

The program consists of a total of 120 ECTS. The program includes 90 ECTS from elective courses related to geosciences, engineering and decision making in connection to petroleum exploration and production. The Master thesis constitutes 30 ECTS and is a large, independent project completed in the final semester, often in close cooperation with an external company. All teaching is in English. This is an advantage for students planning to work in an international company where English is the language of business.
Students will encounter a variety of working and teaching methods, the use of modern computer technology, practical laboratory work, and projects with associated training in writing and presentations.
A description of each course is provided, detailing:
  • Working and teaching methods
  • Course literature
  • Evaluation methods
  • Assessment methods
  • Learning outcomes

UiS is committed to offer all programs included in the study plans. However, the program is subject to the availability of resources and/or students. Over time, the academic content and choice of topics may change due to general developments in the subjects, the use of new technology, and societal changes.
All courses and programs are revised annually.