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Environmental Engineering - Master of Science Degree Programme

The Master in Environmental Engineering has two specialisations: Water Science and Technology (WST) and Offshore Environmental Technology (OET). WST focuses on Aquatic Ecology, Water and Wastewater treatment. OET focuses on environmental technologies related to the offshore oil and gas industry. A master's thesis of 30 ECTS is compulsory for both specialisations.

Hva kan du bli

Candidates qualify for work in various research and industrial companies, within a wide range of positions. This can be public and private research institutions, laboratories, hospitals, oil industry, food processing, academic institutions, or consulting service.

Candidates can qualify for a PhD position in the subject area.


All courses that are part of the programme are evaluated using forms and/or discussion according to faculty guidelines.


Faculty of Science and Technology, telephone (+47) 51 83 17 00, E-mail: