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Computer Science - Master's Degree Programme

With an MSc in Computer Science, the door is open to some of the most challenging and interesting jobs in the field. The study program gives a broad foundation within the field of computer science. The study program has two specializations: (1) Reliable and Secure Systems and (2) Data Science. This in an international study program and all courses are given in English. The program is organized under the Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Composition of the study program
The study program comprises 120 credit points (ECTS) in total, taken over 2 years. It contains basic core subjects for extension of the mathematical and scientific foundation laid down in the bachelor study program, specialisation subjects, elective subjects, and a master's thesis done on an individual basis, where a written report is mandatory. Master's theses with industrial partners are highly recommended.

The Computer Science program offers courses built on top of a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. Specialization Reliable and Secure Systems provides a basis for work in the development and planning of commercial computer systems for different purposes. Specialization Data Science provides a basis for work in data analysis and development of data processing systems for the whole data lifecycle.

The program utilizes lectures and activities such as individual projects, group projects, laboratory exercises with written reports, and company and industrial plant visits as learning methods. There is a high degree of individual advisory in the program, in particular in the work with the master's thesis at the end.

A system for continuous assessment and evaluation of the study program is in place. The program plan, including a revision proposal, will be handled by the quality and program committee on a yearly basis according to the university policies and guidelines. Furthermore, each individual course included in the program will be evaluated and assessed.

Hva kan du bli

The department maintains active industry engagement, which offers projects with industry placements and outstanding graduate employment opportunities. Our research focuses are application oriented with industrial participations, such as Integrated Operation for Oil and Gas and Smart Home Facilities.

A completed master's degree in Computer Science qualifies for a doctoral study (PhD) within the field at the University of Stavanger, or other universities.


Form and/or discussion according to faculty guidelines.


There is a possibility to study abroad in the third semester. When going abroad you must choose courses that comprise a similar specialization within your field, and these must be pre-approved before you leave. It is also important that the subjects you study abroad do not overlap in content with subjects already taken here, or to be taken later in your study program. A good tip is to focus on your specialization and your field.
Recommended universities:
Nordic countries:
Aalborg Universitetet (Nordtek)
Danmarks Tekniske Universitetet (Nordtek)
Newcastle University, UK
University of Twente, the Netherlands
Lodz University of Technology, Poland
RTWH Aachen University, Germany
Griffith University, Brisbane
New Mexico Inst. of Mining & Technology
University of Wisconsin, Platteville
University of Adelaide, Australia
The University of Seville, Spain


Faculty of Science and Technology, tel (47) 51831700, E-mail: