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MEES is the student organisation for the Master in Energy, Environment and Society at UiS.

MEES Linjeforening is still young in the family of the university’s student organizations. Our organization was established in September 2017 and represents the students of the new Master in Energy, Environment and Society (which is where the MEES acronym comes from). Our program and hence the organization is characterized by its diversity, representing over twenty different nationalities from around the globe. We use it to our advantage to learn and bring about to others a highly distinctive, all-round perspective on energy, sustainability and environment.

Our organization has these major aims:

  • To be a link of cooperation between students of the program and the teaching staff;
  • To collaborate with other student organizations and other network bodies at the university in order to reach out to a wider academic community;
  • To break few stigmas here and there about future energy options, sustainable development, and future society in it.

Our primary focus is on academic events, such as public talks, debates, lecture series. As master’s students, we are keen on expanding our knowledge and understanding on the subject on our own initiative. We also want to make the learning aspect exciting and entertaining by bringing it out of the classroom environment and through input from external experts and organizations. We also organize social events, such as get-together dinners, cabin trips, and all that jazz.

If you are interested in getting to know us better and want to know what we are up to next, you are more than welcome to contact us on Facebook or drop us an email (we are very good at replying to both).

MEES on Facebook

Email: mees@stud.uis.no