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Suitability assessments

Health, social work and teaching educations have particular requirements for students' suitability.

Ongoing suitability assessments will take place throughout the course and will be included in an overall assessment of the student's academic and personal aptitude for working as a teacher or in the health or social care professions.

A student is not suitable for the profession if he/she poses a possible danger to children in kindergartens, pupils in schools or patients, clients and users of the health and social services.

The Norwegian Act Relating to Universities and University Colleges legislates for suitability assessments. The Ministry of Education and Research's regulations concerning suitability assessment in higher education gives details of assessments and the processing of cases.

Suitability assessments are now included in 32 educational courses. At the University of Stavanger, there is a duty to assess students' suitability in the following courses:

  • Kindergarten training
  • Primary and lower secondary school training 1st–7th grade
  • Primary and lower secondary school training 5th–10th grade
  • Secondary education teacher with a master's degree training 8th–13th grade
  • One-year programme in educational theory and practice
  • Special needs education
  • Child welfare officer
  • Social work (social worker)
  • Nurse

Contact persons for queries related to suitability:

Health and social sciences: Venche Hvidsten

Teacher training: Egil Gabrielsen.