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Do I risk anything by notifying the university?

As a student, you should be able to report critical matters without fear of reprisal. UiS will do its utmost to protect your interests in this regard.

The University of Stavanger is open to complaints and criticism even when these are directed at its own staff. No one should fear negative consequences by reporting unwanted behaviour.

The Norwegian Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act (section 14) states:

«It is prohibited to retaliate against anyone who has submitted a complaint regarding breach of this Act, or who has stated that a complaint may be submitted, unless the person in question has acted with gross negligence.

The prohibition in the first paragraph applies correspondingly to witnesses in a complaint case, and to persons who provide assistance in a complaint case.»

It is also forbidden to instruct someone to retaliate or participate in retaliation, according to sections 15 and 16 of the above-mentioned act.

Nevertheless, if you do experience unpleasantness, please contact Director of Human Resources, Halfdan Hagen