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Procedure for Let us know

This is the procedure for use of the Let us know system.

1. There shall be clear information about who the students may contact if they need to discuss their case/obtain advice regarding an incident if and when they consider speaking up.

2. The students may Let us know using electronic forms at three different levels:

  • Serious and critical matters
  • Faults and failings in the learning environment
  • Positive feedback.

In case of serious and critical matters, it is also possible to Let us know anonymously.

3. There shall be clear examples showing which types of cases belong to the various categories.

4. The completed form is sent directly to the lawyers at the HR and Education Departments and the Director for Education will receive a copy. In case of extended absences, for example holidays, the recipients must make sure somebody will follow up any messages. The students may also be informed via the form that the processing time will be somewhat longer.

5. If the lawyers are not the appropriate persons for follow-up of a case, the matter will be forwarded to the correct department. The students will also be referred to this department in case of follow-up questions.

6. The sender will first receive an automatic reply that the message has been received. In case of serious matters or faults and defects, the sender will also receive feedback by the established deadline regarding who will be handling the case and the outcome if relevant. This deadline will depend on the seriousness of the matter: three business days for the most serious cases and one week in case of faults and defects. The feedback will vary from the recipient stating that she/he will look into the matter to stating that the matter has been referred for evaluation by the faculty and that the final reply will come later. The final reply will be provided by the lawyers or directly by the appropriate recipient.

7. If a student should not receive feedback by mistake, she or he may contact the lawyers at UA/HR. The contact details are shown on the website.

8. The procedure and websites are reviewed every year in June in order to identify any defects or shortcomings or any other issues that should be improved or changed before start of the semester in August. This review is handled by the contact persons, both the new and outgoing president of StOr as well as the Student Ombudsman if relevant. This will ensure that the new president of StOr will be well informed of how the Let us know system functions. It is a priority to ensure that the system is clearly visible and readily available.

9. The system generates statistics based on incoming messages. Such reports are sent to the recipients every month, and facilitates easy overview of the scope and types of relevant cases.

10. Personal data in the Let us know system will be handled and stored in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. Storage of personal data will be assessed on a regular basis.