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Welcome to the official semester opening 2020

A record number of students are embarking on their student life at the University of Stavanger in August. We are very excited to wish you all a warm welcome with an official ceremony, which will be digital this year. The ceremony also marks the beginning of the buddy festival Fadder.

The University of Stavanger Welcome Ceremony in 2020

The academic year 2020/2021 starts Monday 10 August. The digital ceremony will be streamed on and Facebook.

The new mayor of Stavanger, Kari Nessa Nordtun, will get the honor of opening the half-hour programme, hosted by two of our superb students of journalism, Anna Sørmarken Vestly and Anders Haualand. In addidion, UiS rector Klaus Mohn, president of the student organisation StOr, Philip Jamissen and president of the Fadder festival Una Ruzic will be joining the programme to talk more about what you can expect in the coming week and year as a student.

Song and dance 

No ceremony without a bit of entertainment, of course: you can expect some fine tunes from the Norwegian artist Kapteinen, who was originally due to perform at the Fadder festival, which had to rearrange its programme this year due to the corona situation.

In addition there will be a short dance performance – tune in at noon August 12 to see how!