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The buddy festival Fadder 2020

The buddy festival Fadder, which takes place August 10 to 16, aims at welcoming new and old students by offering a fun, safe and adventurous taste of what to expect from campus life and Stavanger as a student city.

The buddy festival Fadder 2020 The Fadder organisation 2020 invites you to the Fadder festival August 10-16. President of Fadder this year is Una Ruzic (bottom right).

The Fadder festival is all about getting to know fellow students, lecturers, the university and Stavanger.

As a new student at the UiS you will be warmly welcomed by those who know the university best – the not-so-new students.

«It has taken us a while to come up with good, alternative solutions for this year’s Fadder festival, and we are very proud to announce that there will be a week of Fadder fun for all students during the first week of the semester. Not bad considering the strange and uncertain corona times that we have and are still experiencing», says vice president of Fadder, Anne Helene Thorvaldsen.

The purpose of the byddy programme Fadder is to allow new student to settle in both socially and academically at the uni, and to get out and about in the town centre.

Smaller groups, many events

After the official semester opening Monday August 10, it is time to kick off the Fadder festival. For the rest of the week, many of the events and activities that are part of the Fadder arrangement will be carried out as they normally do, but with fewer participants and at organized time slots.

«In keeping with the infection control measures imposed by the Norwegian government, several activities will take place at the same time around campuses and in Stavanger, such as concerts, excursions, bowling and lots of fun outdoor activities», says Thorvaldsen.   

How to register

More information how to sign up for the festival will published shortly on social media, Fadder's website and 

The Fadder organisation 2020 has ten members, and Una Ruzic is this year’s president.


Stay safe during the festival week – and for the rest of the semester - by familiarising yourself with useful information here: