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Program for new students in Petroleum Engineering

Monday 10th of August

12.00-12.30: Digital Welcome ceremony


Monday 17th of August

Lectures according to regular timetable. 


Tuesday 18th of August

12:15-13:00: Information meeting for the Specialization in Drilling and Natural gas: EAL Rødt (red) auditorium . 

You can also follow the meeting on stream (you will need to log in using your UiS-user acocunt). 



13:15-14:00: Welcome meeting for Reservoir Specialization: KE E-262. 

For those that will attend physical (encourage all of those in Stavanger to do it), the meeting will take place in room KE E262 
For those that are somewhere else or do not want to attend physical, below is the digital invite. 

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 623 7549 7880
Password: 726421