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Sign up for The Fadderfestival 2019

The Fadderfestival starts on campus 12th august and lasts one week from the semester start. The goal of the Fadder arrangement is to help new students to get settled socially and academically at campus.

Students at the Fadderfestival in 2017.

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 As a new student at the University of Stavanger, you will be greeted by other students.

The Fadderfestival 2019 will take place at campus and will last through the whole week, starting on August 12. 

The aim and intention with this week is that all the new students are to settle nicely and socially at the University. During the week the goal is to build new relations between the students that will secure them safety and wellbeing.
In addition, to make the student known around the campus area and the city of Stavanger.

The purpose of the Fadderweek is to give all the new students an easy transition and start to the studentlife.
At the University, the Fadderboard, in addition to the student organizations, offer concerts with various artists,
games and tournaments, activities with different themes, and standup and lectures. 
The aim is to offer a variety of activities that will suit everybody, especially on the non-alcoholic activities.