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Before arrival

Application procedures and deadlines

In order to apply for student housing, you must submit an online application within the deadline:

  • 18 May for the autumn semester (August–December)
  • 10 November for the spring semester (January–June)

Details about the application form will be sent with the Letter of Admission.

International students who apply within the deadline will be given priority. Due to the precarious housing situation in the Stavanger area we cannot guarantee housing.

Please note that no accommodation priority can be given to students applying after the deadline or arriving in the middle of the semester. 

What should you bring?

As no dishes, cooking utensils, duvet, pillow or towels are available in the accommodations, you have to bring your own or purchase the items upon arrival. The department store IKEA is a good option for purchasing these items here in Stavanger.

Householder insurance

It is recommended, but not mandatory, that you take out a householder insurance for your personal belongings together with your travel insurance.

As a tenant, you are responsible for your accommodation, and this is irrespective of whether or not you or your friends are to blame for any damage. Furthermore, no consideration can be taken in relation to whether the damage was caused by a deliberate act, through carelessness or by accident. As the legal tenant, you will be held responsible for payment. Neither the SiS or UiS can be held responsible for any theft or loss of your personal possessions.