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Accommodation for international students

Here you will find information about accommodation for international students at the University of Stavanger.

Student dormitory at campus of University of Stavanger

Applying for student housing

Information about student housing application will be sent in the Letter of Admission.

Important information:

  • Due to the difficult housing situation in Stavanger we cannot guarantee accommodation for all international students.
  • You will receive only one housing offer and if you reject it, you have to make your own arrangements.
  • Contracts cover usually one or two full semesters, and  full semesters only (five months*). 
  • There are no family/couple flats available to international students.
  • The Admission Office and the International Office are not responsible for accommodation related matters.

* Exception: Minimum rental period of three months may be given to students following approved academic internship programmes (nursing and social work) if such accommodation is available.