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Accommodation for international students

One of the first things that students think about when they move to a new place to study is where they will live. Here you will find information about accommodation for international students at the University of Stavanger.

Student dormitory at campus of University of Stavanger

SiS and UiS accommodation

International students can be accommodated in two different types of student housing, SiS or UiS accommodation.

The accommodation owned by the Student Welfare Organisation in Stavanger (SiS) is sponsored by the state and therefore reasonably priced.

Since there is not enough SiS accommodation for international students, the University of Stavanger (UiS) rents accommodation on the private market, which are then rented out to students. The UiS accommodation is more expensive than the SiS accommodation, but more affordable than what students can expect to find on the private market in Stavanger.

Applying for accommodation

International students who have been admitted through the Admission Office and the International Office must apply for accommodation through the Iink for international students as they cannot apply through the SiS webpage. Information about applying for accommodation will be sent with the Letter of Admission.

International students who have been admitted through Samordna Opptak should apply through SiS.

Important information:

  • Due to the difficult housing situation in Stavanger we cannot guarantee accommodation for all international students.
  • It is not possible to choose accommodation with regard to price or location. You will receive only one housing offer and if you reject it, you have to make your own arrangements.
  • Contracts cover usually one or two full semesters, and  full semesters only (five months*). 
  • There are no family flats available to international students.
  • The Admission Office and the International Office are not responsible for accommodation related matters.

* Exception: Minimum rental period of three months can be given to students following Comparative Educational Studies and approved academic internship programmes (nursing and social work).