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The Fadderfestival 2016!

Do you want to be a part of the team that will arrange the Fadder Festival in 2016? The Fadder Committee has exciting activites throughout the whole year. As soon as September, the planning for next year gets going.

Plakat med Fadderfestivallogo 2016, stilling ledig til festivalstyret.

The Fadder leader (Faddersjef) for 2016 was elected from the student parliament right before the summer vacations. In this occasion, Christian Pettersen was re-elected as such. From the beginning of September, Pettersen will start to select a new Fadder committee.

  • The organization’s Vice-President is responsible for meeting arrangements, finances, communication, information, coordination in cooperation with other student organizations, sponsor engagement, festival’s infrastructure and leader’s substitution.  This position works closely with the communications responsible and the member coordinator.
  • The event coordinator is responsible for events that happen throughout the year and all of the parallel activities during the Fadder festival; that means, everything that is a part of the festival program.  This is a great position to come with new proposals for arrangements and to use your creativity in a team of three.  The event coordinator works closely to the event staff.
  • The communications responsible works with press conferences, social media, posters, websites and the administration/information’s strategy.
  • The fadder coordinator is the contact point for the Fadder leaders. Running the registration to the festival for both Fadder and Fadderbarn is an essential part of this job. The Fadder coordinator is also responsible for the education for the fadder leaders. It is important for the fadder coordinator to map up all the different home studies at the University of Stavanger.
  • Sponsor coordinator is the contact point for student organizations and sponsors. Coordinating stands and activities from different “study lines” (Study Program leaders) and student organizations except for events. Good contact with the different sponsors are an essential part of this job.
  • Event staff work in a creative three-person team in able to create all events Fadder should have between September 2015 and the end of the Fadder festival.

As a part of the Fadder committee you can be a part of several courses and you can participate in internal and external events. You may meet students across all student programs and get experience in event arrangement.  You also have the chance to make your mark in one of the more important weeks during the student calendar.

To be considered, send an application with your CV to fadder@stor.uis.no. You can apply for a specific position or simply for the Fadder committee as a general.  In able to be a part of the committee there is no requirement to be a student.