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The Enthusiasm Award 2018

Each year, the StudentPriest, UiS, StOr and SiS gives an award to a student, student organization or line association that in a special way has contributed to the social, vibrant student environment in the student city of Stavanger.

Plakat Begeistringsprisen

The first price was given in 2009, by the Student Priest, Stefan Emmerhoff, as a reaction to dissatisfaction and extensive negativity at the University. Emmerhoff wanted to draw attention to the University’s positive activities, where the students’ voluntary contribution to a more inclusive student environment created social interaction. The prize constitutes a cash prize of NOK 20,000 and a trophy shaped like a ring of iron. The Nomination Committee consists of the StudentPriest, The Deputy Chairman of StOr, and a representative from SiS and UiS.

The prizes are intended to highlight the general well-being factor in the Student City Stavanger and can be awarded to a student, a student organization or a line association that works for and among students on a voluntary basis. It is distributed to the student, organization or line association that has contributed in a special way to engagement, inclusive community, diversity, debate, well-being or enthusiasm.

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Previous winners of The Enthusiasm Award:

2017: NidaĂ  Raji

2016: The Fadder Festival

2015: Studentligaen

2014: ION Racing

2013: Start UiS

2012: Daniel Hernandez Iniesta.

2011: The board at TappetÄrnet.

2010: Simon FĂžrland and BjĂžrn Harald Lye.

2009: Økonomistudentenes Forening (ØSF). First winners!