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Questions and answers about the coronavirus situation for students

How does the coronavirus outbreak affect the university and you as a student, and what happens in the autumn semester? Check below for questions and answers.

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Updated 24 June at 15:00

How will teaching be conducted?

Remote teaching will be continued for the rest of the semester, and exams will be carried out as home exams. Check Canvas regularly for updates on alternative teaching methods.

For the autumn semester 2020 we are planning for a mixture of remote and campus-based teaching. First-year students will be given priority when it comes to campus-based teaching, and there will be an opportunity for students in risk groups to make use of reserved locations. More information will be provide during the summer. 

Study areas will be open with restrictions on access and capacity.

Do you need help with digital lectures, collaboration or home office solutions?

Students connect their personal PCs to the web from home. All teaching and tutoring will be made available on a digital platform, usually Canvas. Your department/lecturer will inform you about this.

If you need any assistance, please contact or call the IT service line at 51 83 30 00.

Who can I contact for questions regarding my studies?

Use the following email addresses for questions regarding:

Can I apply for an extended deadline for my bachelor’s or master’s thesis?

We encourage students to submit their bachelor’s or master’s theses within the regular deadline. Should you however need to delay the submission date, you must apply for this via the form “Application regarding extension of submission date for home exam, bachelor’s or master`s thesis”, available from the digital student service desk. Remember to attach a Word document stating the reason for your application. The faculties will process the applications with generosity.

Please note that some faculties will announce a new thesis deadline for all their bachelor’s and master’s students. If you wish to make use of this opportunity, you are still required to send in an application for an extension via the digital student service desk.

How can I make use of the library?

Ullandhaug Library is partially reopening for students and staff at UiS between 10 am and 3 pm. Guidance will be given digitally. You can order books and articles through their Take Away Library. The library is live on Zoom Monday to Friday at 12 pm to 2 pm.  

Read more about how to use the library.

How will exams be conducted?

The UiS Board has changed the academic regulations to allow the Rector to make amendments to the examination methods «when this is absolutely necessary». We are now in a situation which makes it absolutely necessary to change a number of procedures, both in terms of coursework requirements and exams. 

Consequently, for several of the of courses which were scheduled to have a written examination this spring, the method will be changed to eg. home examination. The form of assessment will therefore in many cases depart from the course description. Students will be notified in both Canvas and StudentWeb, so it is vital that all students pay attention to these channels regularly.

See the Q&A article about details regarding home exams.

Do you need special examination arrangements?

Then you must apply for this as soon as possible! If your written exam has been changed to a home exam, and you have been granted extra time due to disability or health problem, you need to reapply for special arrangements pertaining to home exams. You do not have to reapply if the home exam is of the same duration as the original written exam.

You can submit your application for special examination arrangements through the Digital Student Service Desk.

For more information on special examination arrangements:

For questions relating to exams, contact 

How will disputations be conducted?

New guidelines for digital disputations at the UiS have been implemented for the period March 27 until and including June 30, 2020. The guidelines will be subject to changes in national guidelines.

The faculties should assess on a case-by-case basis whether the trial lecture and public defence should be conducted or postponed in cases where coronavirus measures prevent physical participation.

Public defences and trial lectures shall be conducted exclusively in a digital manner during this period. All participants will attend via the technical solution provided and nobody will be physically present on the university premises.

What about student exchange?

Student exchange is cancelled for the autumn semester 2020. UiS is contacting affected students and partner institutions to inform them of the decision to cancel.

What should international students do? 

Information issued to students at UiS campuses applies to international students as well. Please check with your home institution (if you are an exchange student) or your home country for travel advice and guidelines that may apply to you.  

UiS will be accepting international master's degree students in the autumn 2020. Remote teaching arrangements will be set up for these students until they are able to come to Norway. Student exhanges are cancelled (see item 9 above).

How does this affect grant and loan payments from LĂ„nekassen?

At LĂ„nekassen's website you will get updated information on payment of loans and grants as well as contact information. 

What about absence due to coronavirus infection?

If you are prevented from attending the exam or compulsory activity due to the quarantine given by a doctor, the same rules apply as for a sick leave.

The UiS will take steps to minimize the negative effects for students in the event of a long-term quarantine or sick leave due to coronavirus. We are working on finding good alternative solutions to ensure that students who are unable to be physically present can still complete their training or degree.

If you are prevented from attending compulsory teaching/activities due to quarantine/illness, your department will look into alternative arrangements that do not require you to be physically present.

What financial support can I get as a student?

The following relief package for students has been approved if you qualify for support from LĂ„nekassen (mainly Norwegian citizens): On April 15, the last three months’ instalments of loans and grants for the spring semester will be paid out to students who are eligible for loans. The sum total for April, May and June is NOK 27,550.

LĂ„nekassen will offer an additional loan to students who can document loss of income due to coronavirus restrictions. Parts of this loan may be converted to a grant. Contact LĂ„nekassen to find out if you are eligible for this additional loan/grant.

What rules apply when I have to care for children at home?

Please contact your faculty for information on arrangements concerning your examination and tutoring.

How may I help prevent the spread of infection?

We urge everyone to follow advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health on how to prevent infection. 

Students must also observe UiS infection control precautions.

See also NIPH's information on social distancing, quarantine and isolation.

I think I may have contracted coronavirus. What should I do?

Contact your GP if you suspect that you have been infected with coronavirus, alternatively the out-of-hours medical service by phone at 116 117.

How do I get hold of books from SIS bookstore?

The SIS Bookstore is open weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm.

If you have any questions that this article does not address, please email us at, and we will reply as fast as we can.