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National Cybersecurity Awareness month 2020

October is the national Cybersecurity Awareness month. UiS participates in this campaign to increase awareness of information security, both among students and staff.

Are you online poster

NorSIS: The Norwegian Center for Information Security provides information on threats, advice on prevention and help if you have been exposed to crime and violation online. In October, the national security month is held to increase knowledge about information security. The goal is a national boost for a secure digital everyday life! Stop - Think - Click. It is important to use common sense when working daily with computers and digital tools!


In connection with the national security month in October, employees and students at UiS will for a period regularly receive e-mails with short (2-3 min.) e-learning sequences. For access to an english version of the training you can use this link:  Security Awareness Training 2020


What happens after the security month

The focus on security will be a continuous work and will naturally continue after the month is over. Conscious awareness of information security is very important whether you are at work or at home and when using a PC, Mac, mobile or tablet.

Lecure 1/2 is discussing valueables and passwords