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Join us a tall ships trainee

Sailing on one of the majestic tall ships during the Tall Ships Race is an adventure for life.

The tall ships races

Feel the thrill of the open sea and the teamwork on board, and return home filled with new experiences. As a sail trainee, you will meet youth from all over the world and be part of a team where you take care of each other facing all sorts of challenges and weather.

Wondering what life might be like on board? Then check out this video from race organiser Sail Training International.

Who can join as a trainee?

Everyone can join a sail training programme, without any prior sailing experience. You will need to be of normal good health. The sail training programme is intended for ages 15-25 in particular, but it is possible to apply directly to the ships for a place as a trainee, should you be over the age of 25. Sail Training International has information about other trainee programs on their Sail on Board web site.

When and where can I sail?

2017: You can join in as a trainee in the Tall Ships Races this summer. The race will take place in the Baltic Sea, and Stavanger will be sending trainees on the journey from Turku in Finland to Klaipeda in Lithuania July 23 – 28. Embarkation in Turku is Saturday July 22, setting sails Sunday July 23. After 6 days in the Baltic Sea you will arrive in Klaipeda and spend a couple of days enjoying the festivities in the host port, including the Crew Party on Sunday July 30. The following day, you will be travelling back to Stavanger.

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