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International students awarded

Camilo Andres Cardenas Medina (Colombia), Iris Sok Yee Kam (Malaysia) and Osama Abdulhafiz Assaf (Syria) came to Norway and Stavanger to study. Now they have completed their Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering with top grades.

Grethe foldnes, Camilo Andres Cardenas Medina, Iris Sok Yee Kam and Osama Abdulhafiz Assaf. Grethe Foldnes fra Repsol Norway with the students Camilo Andres Cardenas Medina, Iris Sok Yee Kam and Osama Abdulhafiz Assaf.

During the awards ceremony at the Faculty of Science and Technology last Friday they were honoured with a diploma and 25,000, 15,000 and 10,000 Norwegian kroner respectively. The Repsol Energy Best Student Award is awarded to students with best grades in Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering.

International students want to come to Stavanger

Repsol in Norway and the University of Stavanger has since 2005 had a constructive and close cooperation, and Repsol Energy’s Best Student Awards, which is to be awarded to the tree best students who have fulfilled the Master in Petroleum Engineering, is part of this long cooperation.

"The Repsol Best Student Award contribute to and encourage, we hope, the students to work even harder and get even better results. Also this year the competition has been hard. Only small margins separate you, meaning that all of you who are here today to get your diplomas are winners and will contribute with your valuable competence to the society in the years to come," said Grethe Foldnes from Repsol.

UiS is popular among international applicants. This year 1025 applied for 70 places on petroleum and offshore education.

Text and photo: Karoline Reilstad