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Important information on the coronavirus situation

On this page you can find updated information regarding UiS and coronavirus.

 Illustration photo: woman who is sick with a cold

Updated Tuesday May 12 at 2 pm. 

UiS reopening plan

As of Wednesday May 13, more students and staff will be allowed back on UiS’ campuses

The reopening of the University of Stavanger will take place gradually to ensure a safe and responsible return to normal. This means that not everyone will be allowed back at the same time. It is important that the necessary precautions for preventing transmission of infection are taken.

Up to one third of the students and staff can be present on campuses from Wednesday May 13.

For students

Students who are dependent on access to UiS facilities to maintain progression in their studies, may come back to campus. It is up to the students themselves to determine whether such access is vital for their progression.

The Faculty of Performing Arts is working on solutions for letting students get access to rehearsal rooms. More information will be provided as soon as possible.  

Remote teaching will be continued for the rest of the semester, and exams will be carried out as home exams.

Reading areas will reopen with limited access and capacity from Wednesday May 13. The library is still closed, but you can order books and articles through their Take Away Library. The library is live on Zoom Monday to Friday at 12pm to 2pm, drop by if you have any questions.

In common areas around printers and restrooms it is important to keep a distance of at least 1 metre from others.

For staff

Employees shall continue to work from home to the greatest extent possible. Up to one third of the staff in each unit may however return to work on campus, provided that infection control measures are enforced and adhered to. Access must be clarified with your immediate manager.

According to the guidelines from the Norwegian Government, «Employers should ensure that their employees can remain at least one metre apart throughout working hours. In parts of the country where employees need to use public transport, employers are urged to facilitate working from home and virtual meetings as far as possible, and to require people to be physically present only when necessary.»

As the UiS, faculties and units should have some staff present on campus to oversee that infection protocols are observed.

It is the responsibility of managers to make sure infection preventions measures are in place at their unit and to prepare for a further opening of the workplace.

This is in keeping with the Government’s plan for reopening the Norwegian society and easing coronavirus restrictions

What should I do if I think I may have contracted the virus?

  • We ask all our students who have tested positive for coronavirus to please inform us about this through
  • Employees who have tested positive for the virus, or are in quarantine, must inform their immediate manager about this.

Questions and answers

If you have any questions that this article does not address, please go to our questions and answers site.