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Help review UiS’ online teaching

What worked and what did not in the transition to online lectures and exams at UiS? This is what we need your help to shed a light upon.

Students in lecture with virtual screens

Covid-19 brought about sudden changes in the daily study routines for all of us. That is why we would like to know more about how you as students experienced challenges and consequences in the transition to online lectures. The study is conducted in collaboration with the University of Agder.

‘UiS would like to learn as much as possible from the extensive transition to digital teaching, and that is why we need feedback from you as students. The answers you provide will enable us to make improvements in our digital teaching’, says Astrid Birgitte Eggen, pro-rector for education at UiS.

In the questionnaire, we will ask you about the level of access to information, IT-assistance and resources during the Covid-19 crisis, and whether you were kept informed about the changes. You will also be asked about what types of online teaching you took part in and how you experienced the quality, effectiveness and relevance of the teaching.

Finally, we ask about your interaction with others and the balance between study and private life.

The questionnaire is anonymous, and it takes five to ten minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary, but we hope many of you will answer within the deadline of 25th May.


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