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Do not upgrade to macOS Catalina

It is not recommended to upgrade to Catalina yet.

Logo Writers' Night

Writers' night at the University Library!

Stressed out beacuse of exams and papers that are due? The University Library can help!

National Security Month

National Security Month 2019

National Security Month 2019 started in 1th of October.

A prototype of the transforming robot Shapeshifter - Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Are you interested in doing your Master thesis project at NASA?

1-2 students from The faculty of Science and Technology are invited to do their master's thesis at with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).


Student elections 2019-2020

Are you interested in having an influence on your student life and contribute to a more satisfactory student experience?

Women taking selfie.

Become a Student Exchange Ambassador

In your capacity as an exchange student you can be a Student Exchange Ambassador and acquire even more benefits from your overseas exchange.

Office365_security logo

Change in logon security in Office365

Tuesday 04.09 at 0700, we will be implementing a change in the Office365 logon procedure to increase security.

Students working on creative problem-solving

Get 10 study points while working on a case from a company in the region

This semester UiS is introducing a brand new study opportunity for our students!

Teaching in a classroom.

Minor in Gender Studies

Right now, traditional worldviews and knowledges are changing. “Minor in Gender Studies” provides tools to understand these global challenges, particularly through questions of inequality and power.

Simulation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation

SIMeLEARN finalist in national initiative in education

The academic community in simulation and e-learning at the Faculty of Health Sciences is one of the finalists to achieve status of Norwegian ‘Centre for Excellence in Education’ (SFU).

Two students sitting at desks writing

The digital student sevice desk has now been launched

UiS is launching a new digital student service desk for 16 different application forms that you may need.

Campus Ullandhaug

New date for semester registration

From the autumn semester 2019, the start date for semester registration will change from the 1st of June to the 15th of June.

Group picture from the study trip

Intensive program in Joensuu, Finland

As part of the NORDERP project on ‘Northern Embrace for Enterprise Resource Planning System’, 10 students from the University of Stavanger participated in the Intensive program at Karelia University in Joensuu, Finland.

participants at the winter school

Winter School in Svalbard

On February 04 –08, 2019, 15 students attended the Winter School in Svalbard.

Plakat Begeistringsprisen

The Enthusiasm Award 2018

Each year, the StudentPriest, UiS, StOr and SiS gives an award to a student, student organization or line association that in a special way has contributed to the social, vibrant student environment in the student city of Stavanger.