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UiS Brage

Master's thesis and other publications from UiS are published in Brage. The publications are published in full text and made available to a wide audience.

UiS Brage is the university's open archive for scientific works in full text. The archive contains of master's theses and scientific articles produced by the university's students and staff.

Scientific articles and other publications in Brage

We encourage staff at UiS to publish articles and other scientific publications in UiS Brage. To be educated in how to do this, contact Linda Johnsen. You may send her an e-mail or call her on tel. 51 83 11 14.

You have to sign a contract [PDF] before publishing your work in UiS Brage. Sign the contract and send it to Linda, via e-mail or internal mail.

Please note that some publishers only allow the posting of post-print, ie the last version of an article that was sent to the publisher before publication in the journal. This will be peer-reviewed, but often lack some of the graphical elements that publishers provide. If you want to publish in UiS Brage it can be advantageous to take care of this issue of your article, in case it is the one we have permission to publish.