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More about quality assurance of journals

There are different ways to make sure that a journal holds acceptable quality


  • If the journal is on this list you should steer away. "Beall 's list" is compiled by Jeffrey Beall. He estimates that as many as one in four open access journals may be a predatory journal, so it is important to exercise healthy scepticism. Be aware that the list is updated by Beall on his own, so it depends on his personal view.

There are also a number of other sources of information on the quality of OA journals :

  • Grand Valley State University has a list of positive and negative indicators to look at to assess a journal's quality and reliability.
  • UC Santa Barbara library has this list on what you should look for when trying to assess the quality of a journal.
  • In this newsletter from Boston College Libraries you learn how to use Google Scholar and journal impact factor for assessing quality. It should also be noted that a journal's rejection rate is important for the quality of the journal.

Please contact us if you are unsure about a particular journal. We will check whether the journal keeps an acceptable level. Let us also know if you get "tempting" offers from disreputable journals, and we may prepare a list of predatory journals that have tried to trick employees at UiS.