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Avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism in research is when you consciously or otherwise use another persons' text or work like it's your own, without crediting the author or revealing your source.

The University of Stavanger has rules against cheating and plagiarism. We recommend that you become familiar with them! The consequences of plagiarism can be failing your exam and being excluded from the study for up to a year. The library arranges regular classes to help you avoid plagiarism.

Examples of plagiarism:

  • To copy text, images or diagrams without referring to sources in the paper.
  • Paraphrasing someone else's work in your own words without specifying the source.
  • Translating text from another language without making it obvious that it is a translation.
  • To quote someone else's text and replace a few words with synonyms. This applies even if the paper has references.
  • To use someone else’s ideas, images or music without referring to the source is also plagiarism.

How to avoid plagiarism.

You need to show clearly what is in your own words and thoughts, and what you have taken from other writers.You do this by marking the citation clearly in your paper, and writing correct references both in the text and in the bibliography. When reproducing the work of others in your own words, you must always use references.

Enter the sources correctly. A good paper shows that it is based on existing research in an honest way.

How is plagiarism detected?

  • Plagiarism control after digital submission of papers
  • Teachers can recognize some of the text or sections of text
  • Considerable variation in language or style through the paper

In the librarys' and Study Labs' classes you will learn basic rules for referencing when you use other people's ideas and text in your own work.

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