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Study Lab

Do you need help writing your thesis ? The Study Lab is there for you!

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You can make an appointment with a mentor. An appointment can last for up to one hour. Book an appointment at

There are drop-in sessions on Tuesdays (12-15) and Thursdays (14-17). Drop-in sessions can last for up to 30 minutes.

What does the Study Lab do?

The Study Lab runs dialogue based guidance in academic writing. The guidance is given by mentors who are themselves students at the university, and have been given training in how to write.

Students are expected to participate actively during sessions. In this way, dialogue is used as a pedagogical method.

During opening hours there will be two student mentors at work. If many students turn up at once, we may unfortunately not be able to help everyone. If you make an appointment, you are sure to be given help, even if it gets very busy.


Where is the Study Lab?

The study lab is downstairs in the library at Ullandhaug.


Who can use the Study Lab?

It is open to all students at UiS.