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Search for books in our library and other Norwegian libraries.

Joint catalogue for UBiS, other Norwegian university libraries and a range of research libraries in Norway.


Ebook Central 
E-book database which provides access to electronic books in full text. While the collection covers most academic subject areas, it is particularly strong on economics, social sciences and humanities.
User manual

You may print out a certain percentage of a book. You need your own username and password to do this.

You may also download a book and keep it for 14 days. If you want to read iton PC or mac you need Adobe Digital Editions, which should be available on the UiS network. If you want to use a tablet or mobile phone you have to download the free app Bluefire Reader.

Books from DawsonEra are registered in Oria.
Read about how you get access, how to print out, take notes etc.

SpringerLink Books
In this database we have access to books from 2010 and upward, more than 30 000 books. SpringerLink covers most subject areas. You may download books and keep them, by clicking "Download book".
Search tips

Free e-books

More than 1100 free e-books from BookBoon, many of them on technology and economics. You have to register as a user at Akademika to get access, this is free.

Directory of Open Access books
More than 4300 peer-reviewed academic books for free, per 1st of March 2016.

Search more than 400,000 British doctoral theses. Download instantly for your research.

Google Books
Millions of books are registered here. Books with no copyright are accessilbe in full text. In books that are still under copyright you may see excerpts.

The Internet Classics Archive
Works of classical literature, mainly Greco-Roman, all in English translation

Project Gutenberg
Electronic versions of out-of-copyright books (classic novels, plays and literature).

Prosjekt Runeberg
Free electronic editions of classic Nordic (Scandinavian) literature.


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