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Remote access

In order to access databases and journals the library subscribe to off campus, you need to use the proxy server.

Staff and students at UiS may access library services through a proxy server when not on campus.

  • Log in on : Use the same user id and password that you use for accessing the campus network.
  • Depending on your browser settings, you may see various screens advising you about security certificates. If you do, click the Yes button on these screens.
  • If the text "" is not present in the address line of your browser, you have lost your EZProxy authentication. If you have lost your authentication, you need to login to EZProxy again to re-establish your UiS authentication.
  • Your session with the library EZproxy service will expire if left idle for more than 60 minutes and when you close the browser.
  • To end an Ezproxy session, close the web browser.

Please note that databases and journals are only to be used in connection with work/ studies at UiS. Journal articles etc must not be sent to persons without connection to UiS.

Privacy policy

Click here to read about the privacy policy when using proxy server from UiS.


Alternative access from outside campus, for staff only

Staff can also use the UiS Citrix-server. The IT-department has published a guidance on how to do this.