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Student-ID or staff-ID gives access to the library around the clock

The library at Ullandhaug is open around the clock for students and staff at UiS. Your student- or staff-ID gives you access.

Students and staff have access to the library at Ullandhaug outside of staffed hours.

Books and other documents that are in the library's open shelves are available for loan outside of staffed hours. An exception is printed journals, which can only be borrowed from the reference desk during staffed hours. Documents are checked at one of the library's lending machines. You must bring your library card. For students and staff, this is usually the same as the student card og staff-ID. The Student-ID app may also be used.

Books and articles for collection are on the library's retrieve shelf. They are lined up by date. 


  •     Don't let anyone else into the library with your card.
  •     The doors should never be blocked.
  •     If your card is not working, contact the student expedition in their opening hours. They are in Arne   Rettedal's house.
  •     If you lose your card, immediately contact the student expedition to block the card and get a new one.

Any questions? Please contact us by email, and we will answer you as soon as we can.