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Renewal of loans for external users

This is how to renew loans if you are not registered as a student or employee at UiS.

To renew a loan you need to log on via Feide. You can do that here:

      Log on via FEIDE

Choose BIBSYS as affiliation:


If this is the first time you log on you have to order a password.

1. Click the link "Forgot undername or password?"


2. Click the link "Change password"


3. Choose the tab "Forgot password" and enter your username. Your username is your borrower-id.


4. Click on "Send new password". You will then receive your password via e-mail and can log in with this. Remember your password, or change it when you log in.

Next time you log in, you will only need to choose BIBSYS as affiliation and enter your username and password.

(Please contact the University Library if you have not received your password via e-mail within one hour. It may be that you are registered with a different address).