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Overdue fines and compensations claims

Overdue fines

You will get a notification three days before your loans are due. The following rates will apply if you do not return your items on time:

First overdue notification: Free
Second overdue notification: 25 NOK per item
Third overdue notification: 25 NOK per item

Paying overdue fines

If you have received overdue fines, you may pay using Vipps. You can download the app in App Store and Google Play.

Click here for more information about payment in Vipps [PDF]. If you want to pay by invoice, we will charge you an administration fee of 100 NOK in addition to your overdue fine.

Compensation claims

If you have lost or damaged an item, you need to replace it. We will send you a compensation claim after the third overdue notification.

The following rates will apply for lost or damaged items:

  • Books: 500 NOK or more if the value of the book exceed 500 NOK
  • Journals, theses, DVDs and CDs: 250 NOK or more if the value of the book exceed 250 NOK
  • Hublet Samsung tablet: 4000 NOK. This price is defined by the original cost of the tablet. 

You may compensate an item by buying a replacement copy. This needs to be the newest edition.

Compensation claims are sent by invoice. If you return the item after you have received an invoice, we will credit the claim. If you still have overdue fines, you have to pay these.

If you have 250 NOK or more in overdue fines or compensation claims, you lose your borrowing rights until you have settled your account.